About Us

Supreme Health is the sole producer of AstaNZ™- New Zealand natural astaxanthin in the Southern Hemisphere. 

Located in Nelson, New Zealand, Supreme Health was founded with the mission to produce the next generation of New Zealand plant-based natural health products to help people to protect, promote, and maintain health and well-being.

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AstaNZ™ New Zealand Natural Astaxanthin

In the pristine freshwaters of streams, rivers and lakes in the South Island, New Zealand green algae (tiny plants) thrive in the purest environment on this planet.

Supreme Health harvests the algae strain Haematococcus pluvialis and through a special process encourages the algae to produce red Astaxanthin (AstaNZ™) in a controlled environment.

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AstaNZ™ is a key ingredient in our branded innovative range of health supplements for Vision Care, Cardiac Support, Mobility Support, Immune System Support, Endurance & Recovery Program and the True Radiance Program for youthful skin.

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