Leadership Team

Kerry Paul – Chief Executive

Kerry’s initial career was focussed on strategic management having senior roles in New Zealand Dairy Group and AFFCO. Next Kerry worked with scientists in commercialising biotechnologies resulting in a number of start-up businesses and out-licensing.

In 2006 Kerry started Manuka Health New Zealand Limited from a greenfield situation. The business focussed on sourcing New Zealand natural products, mainly based around Manuka honey and propolis and generating the scientific evidence to demonstrate their benefit for human health. The business was sold in December 2015. Key achievements were:

  • Growing the business from start-up to $70M per annum and profitable;
  • Establishing a vertically integrated business from bee-keeping, manufacturing through to selling branded finished products into local and international markets;
  • Creating a brand portfolio based on a master brand supported by sub-brands which grew to have significant consumer recognition globally;
  • An international distribution network to 50 countries selling through distributors natural healthcare products to health store, pharmacies, websites and high end supermarkets was established;
  • In the New Zealand market developing a network of over 350 customers;
  • Creating a global research and development network to produce scientific evidence to support the products and integrate the natural products with value-adding technologies to produce a new generation of products;
  • Over 100 sku’s were being sold by 2015, the result of an active new product development pipeline;
  • Built the largest and most modern honey factory in New Zealand with accredited laboratories and was the hub for distribution of product worldwide.


Nina Paul – GM Sales & Marketing

Nina has 18 years of experience in sales and marketing of natural health products in New Zealand and overseas.  

Nina was the first to introduce Honey New Zealand brand to New Zealand market and build the distribution from nothing to about 150 plus stores.

Nina was a co-founder of Manuka Health’s company and GM Marketing Manager of the company for more than 10 years with responsibility for New Zealand sales and new product development. The key achievements are:

  • Pioneering and introducing to the market a revolutionary new testing and labelling system for Manuka Honey based on scientific discovery of Manuka Honey’s active ingredient Methylglyoxal;
  • Educating the market on the advantages of a new MGO Manuka Honey system, which Manuka Health replaced the UMF Manuka Honey certification system with;
  • Developing customer base up to 300 plus customers in New Zealand;
  • Developing and launching the range of about 100 products;
  • Building Manuka Health’s brand as a second largest Manuka Honey brand in New Zealand and a number 1 brand in a number of overseas countries;

Growing the New Zealand sales from nothing to $25M per annum and profitable.