Remote New Zealand

New Zealand’s remoteness and temperate climate has created a paradise for the evolution of distinctive birds, animals and plants like nowhere else on this planet. Unique plants abound in large numbers – New Zealand is reputed to have over 1500 indigenous plant species. Many of these plants have evolved to produce bioactive compounds enabling the plant not only to survive but thrive in this pristine environment.

Where we are located

We are located in the Nelson Region at “The Top of the South Island” of New Zealand where claim can be made to having the purest water in the world. Te Waikoropupu Springs (short form Pupu Springs) is the largest freshwater springs in the Southern Hemisphere and can lay claim to the clearest water ever measured. A short distance away the Blue Lake in the Nelson Lakes National Park can claim to have the cleanest water of any lake in the world. 

In this region the freshwater ways being streams, rivers and lakes filled by melting snow from alpine mountains provide a home to the smallest of plants –the New Zealand strain of the green microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. This algae is the start of the food chain providing “dinner” to those who choose to feed on them. Shrimps, crayfish, krill and salmon amongst others all dine on the algae who produce astaxanthin to protect itself when consumed. This translates into the pink colour common to these fish and crustaceans.

Supreme Health carefully selects the microalgae to grow in its cultivation plant. The algae quickly multiply into much larger numbers turning its environment into a deep green colour. The algae are encouraged to change their focus from multiplying to producing astaxanthin. Gradually their environment changes colour from rich green to brown, and finally to a brilliant red as the concentration of astaxanthin reaches its peak.

The astaxanthin is harvested by careful extraction from the algae to produce a rich dark red oil. The oil is the foundation for the products we develop for a wide range of specific health conditions. Other bioactive ingredients are combined with astaxanthin to provide consumers with natural products capable of improving their lives.

We want to help people feel better and stay better longer!

Vitality is the essence of life!

To achieve our aim we address those conditions which affect us as we progress through life. We want to help you slow down the inevitable consequences of aging. As we grow older, our body are subjected to changes, Supreme Health is here to help you age well!