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AstaNZ™ is a key ingredient in our branded innovative range of health supplements for Vision Care, Cardiac Support, Mobility Support, Immune System Support, Endurance & Recovery Program and the True Radiance Program for youthful skin. 

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“Our players have been taking Supreme Health's Endurance and Recovery products for over a year now and these Omega-3 and Immune Boosting supplements have become an integral part of our preparation and recovery regime for players and coaches alike. A number of players and certain Head Coaches(!) have commented that they really notice it when they stop taking these products as recovery from strenuous exercise seems impaired and joints feel stiff and sore. These products enable players to protect their most valuable asset...season after season!”

Fiona Simpson
Team Nutritionist of The Highlanders

“In 2013 I found myself with the time and head space required to get serious about my health for the first time. I made an Excel chart showing the results of many past comprehensive blood tests taken before and after heart surgery. About the same time I discovered Astaxanthin and AstaSupreme (rebranded now as Supreme Health). My most recent blood tests show a marked improvement compared to previous tests. All targets measured are now spot on!! Having clear evidence and proof of benefits is a useful tool when planning health management with my Doctor.”

John Baker

“I have been taking Astaxanthin and Astaxanthin eye for over a year now and find that I am not reaching for my glasses as much. Over the last few months watching TV without my glasses has become a possibility. My last eye test showed that I no longer need glasses for driving. Thanks AstaSupreme (rebranded now as Supreme Health).

Wilfred Bonner Pentreath Martin

After just over thirty days of taking AstaSupreme my eyes not only feel sharper but they are much clearer and the whites are less red and tired looking. I am thrilled with the results.”

Chris Hodgson

“I’ve been taking vitamins for several years now. Late last year I started taking AstraSupreme…I didn’t notice the difference until I stopped over Christmas and my old physical complaints quickly returned and I had less energy. I immediately resumed taking AstaSupreme  (rebranded now as Supreme Health) and it’s now part of my supplementary regime and am telling everyone about it.”