Top Chinese Celebrity Zhang Xinyi’s Skin Care Secrets

A top Chinese celebrity Zhang Xinyi 张歆艺shared some tips on how she maintains her beautiful, flawless skin despite needing to stay up all night really often to film her latest drama “She Is Beautiful”. Zhang XinYi shared her external and internal skincare routine, and shared her new favourite skin care supplement - Supreme Health’s Advanced True Radiance!

Read her post below to learn her skincare secrets and try Advanced True Radiance today!

Zhang XinYi
Chinese famous actress's secrets to stay young and beautiful - First release to public.
"Have you guys seen my movie “She Is Beautiful”? How did you find it? 

During the filming period, it was so difficult to make time for myself and to look after my skin, especially when I had to stay up all night to film. Are you guys curious about how actresses maintain a healthy skin? Here are some of my skin care secrets…

External Skin Care:

  1. Basic moisturising is the most important! Moisturising is the foundation of skin care and is important to maintain a plump look and feel. This will also reduce wrinkles and fine lines. I usually put on a moisturising face mask before I put on my makeup. This keeps my make up on for longer too!
  2. Sun protection must be done properly! Without proper sun protection, you are self-damaging your skin. I make sure that I put on sunblock before putting on my makeup to protect against UV rays outside and inside the studio.  

Internal Skin Care:

  1. Drink plenty of water! Make sure to keep your body hydrated throughout the day, to make sure that your skin can get the moisture it needs. Also, eat more fruits! (The makeup assistants in the studio always prepare a lot of fruits for me, hahaha)
  2. Eat healthier and lighter meals. Although I love eating junk foods, I am resisting the temptations for the sakes of my skin.
  3. Take an effective supplement. During the filming period, I have been taking Supreme Health’s Advanced True Radiance with Natural Astaxanthin. This is a product recommended by my girl fans from New Zealand. Apparently, this is New Zealand’s famous ‘edible sunscreen’. It is able to restore collagen levels and strengthen skin’s protective barriers, being very effective against harmful UV rays. I’ve been carrying this in my bag everywhere I go so that I don’t forget to eat it. I made sure I take 1 capsule a day every day!

My skin has been really good lately! Feel free to try these tips. 😜”



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