NZ Health Company Becomes The First To Complete Deal With Israeli Biotech

Supreme Health New Zealand Ltd has become the first New Zealand company to secure a partnership with the world-renowned Israeli biotechnology sector, in a bid to revolutionise the natural health industry.

Algatechnologies is the global leader in the development and production of micro-algae (tiny plants found in both fresh and saltwater) producing high value, health-focused ingredients from natural sources. Israel’s scientists were the world’s first to cultivate such powerful anti-oxidants from micro-algae.

This partnership provides Supreme Health with access to Algatechnologies cutting-edge processes for the development of its high value health products.

The unique New Zealand micro-algae is grown in the world’s purest fresh water in Nelson, in collaboration with the Cawthron Institute (New Zealand’s leading micro-algal research organisation). It is then sent to Israel where Algatechnologies scales the micro-algae to commercial levels before returning it to New Zealand for the extraction of the world’s most powerful antioxidant, Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin has a well-substantiated and wide range of health benefits. For example, Astaxanthin is 800 times more potent as an antioxidant than CoQ10, and 6,000 times more powerful than vitamin C.

There is a pipeline of high-value micro-algae food, supplement and beauty products to follow, each targeting specific health benefits, with which Supreme Health expects to transform the natural health industry.

Supreme Health’s CEO Kerry Paul says “securing this partnership with Algatechnologies places us at the forefront of micro-algal production in the world. Our partner has a state-of-the-art technology portfolio which will position us at the leading edge of creating the next generation of consumer products in global natural health markets.”

Paul also states: “Micro-algae are far superior to the ingredients being used in today’s natural health products. The key bio-actives in products from micro-algae exist in far higher concentrations enabling increased efficacy and are produced in a sustainable system in contrast to today’s natural products.”

Hagai Stadler, CEO Algatechnologies, says “This investment is in line with our core strategy to fully exploit the potential of microalgae-derived products for commercial applications and especially natural astaxanthin which is our key ingredient”.

Algatechnologies Chairman Ed Hofland adds: "We believe that the synergy between companies, together with Mr. Paul’s widespread experience and proven track record, will allow Supreme to exercise its opportunity and to become a significant natural health solution company".

Prior to joining Supreme Health, Paul was the Founder and CEO of Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. He started Manuka Health in 2006, growing it from a start-up to $70M in 2016, distributing to 50 countries, before exiting to an Australian private equity firm for $110M.

Paul can see greater potential for Supreme Health now it has secured the partnership with Algatechnologies. “This has created the ideal supply platform to enable Supreme Health to build its global sales and distribution capabilities and become a significant natural health solution company”.

For further inquiries please contact:
Kerry Paul, CEO Supreme Health New Zealand
Cell: +64274 504333

Supreme Health Profile

Supreme Health New Zealand Ltd is a New Zealand plant-based natural health food company that produces AstaNZ™ (New Zealand Astaxanthin) from green algae, a tiny plant residing in freshwater. Supreme sources the New Zealand strain of Haematococcus pluvialis, a green algae in the freshwater lakes, rivers and streams of the Nelson Region, top of the South Island, New Zealand. These freshwaters boast the purest, cleanest freshwater found anywhere in the world.

AstaNZ™ is the foundation ingredient in condition-specific formulations offered by Supreme to the consumers of the world. These cover products for vision, mobility, cardiac, vitality, brain, endurance and recovery and skin health.

Supreme is the producer of natural astaxanthin in New Zealand and the Southern Hemisphere. Algae are grown under controlled conditions providing consumers with the purest products on the planet.

Algatechnologies Profile

Algatechnologies is a rapidly growing biotechnology company, specializing in the commercial cultivation of microalgae. Founded in 1998, Algatech is a world leader in the production and supply of AstaPure®, a premium natural astaxanthin - one of the world’s most powerful antioxidants sourced from the microalga Haematococcus pluvialis. 

Located in Israel's Arava desert – with its stable climate and high light intensity – Algatechnologies is ideally positioned to cultivate algae. The company produces astaxanthin using an innovative process, and markets its AstaPure® brand to the nutrition, food & beverages and cosmetics industries. 

Algatechnologies enjoys a global presence through a well-established marketing network of selected distributors and agents. The company's sales organization serves more than 30 countries, via an extensive network of exclusive distributors and by direct sales to multi-national customers.

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